How the Concept of “Play” Can Improve Your Tours

On this episode of Tourpreneur, we explore the power of play in the tourism industry. Samantha Hardcastle (The Storied Experience), emphasizes that incorporating elements of play into tour experiences can create a more engaging and memorable experience for participants. We discuss the different modes of play and how they are connected to individuals’ childhood behaviors and hobbies. We also delve into the neuroscience of play and its importance in facilitating continuous learning.

Booking Software Insights: A Panel Discussion

As part of the opening of our Tour Technology Demo Days virtual event, we hosted a panel discussion to ask tech companies questions that many tour operators have on their minds: How should you think about choosing your day tour company’s booking software? Why is support so important? What value does booking software bring, that […]

Three Things Some Marketing Agencies Won’t Tell You

198 - Things Some Marketing Agencies Won’t Tell You

Just about every operator who I come across has a horror story about working with a marketing agency. This has left them with a bitter taste in their mouth and wary of trusting another to do the job they want them to do.

Facebook Ad Basics: 5 Top Tips

Facebook Ad Basics: 5 Top Tips

Chris provides some Facebook Ad Basics you must follow to make sure your ad campaigns are hitting all the right notes with your audience and your business.