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Tourpreneur is the largest, most engaged global community for tour and activity operators. The Tourpreneur team understands the unique challenges of connecting with our exciting but fragmented industry. Becoming a Tourpreneur Corporate Partner ensures you are "fishing in the right waters," providing unmatched access and engagement with tour and activity businesses.
Tourpreneur Corporate Partnership

Join fellow industry leaders.

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6 Reasons to make Tourpreneur your strategic ally in growing your business:

  • Engage directly and authentically with 13,000+ tour operators.

    Our private Facebook group is the global watering hole for tour operators of all sizes, shapes, and locations. There's no better place to understand what operators are thinking and feeling. Starting June 1, only Corporate Partners can access our thriving Facebook community, with over 13,000+ tour and activity operators sharing their struggles and getting advice. Our Facebook group is a dynamic community where every interaction can lead to a potential business opportunity and brand awareness. This is your chance to boost your brand presence and engage directly where it counts.

  • Learn from our vast Educational Resources

    Partners receive 5 team seats to our Professional Membership educational library, a treasure trove of the latest videos, courses, articles, and resources. It’s designed to keep your team informed and ahead, turning knowledge into a competitive advantage. Equip your team with these insights, and watch them excel in the market.

  • Build Brand Trust with Visibility Tourpreneur’s Business Directory

    Your logo will appear on Tourpreneur’s home page, and in our official Business Directory, where we’ll direct tour operators looking for trusted companies. This enhances your company’s visibility and credibility within the tour and activity sector.

  • Join Partner Roundtables for Exclusive Insights about the industry

    Join our quarterly Corporate Partner Roundtable meetings. Here, you’ll access valuable industry insights and data that are typically beyond reach. These insights are critical for making informed, strategic decisions that can define your success in the marketplace.

  • Spotlight your Brand across our Marketing Channels

    Partners benefit from targeted promotions through newsletter features, Facebook community mentions, podcast mentions, and priority newsletter sharing. These channels offer diverse ways to connect with tour operators and position your brand effectively in front of a large, engaged relevant audience. These are not just promotional efforts; they are strategic tools designed to place your message in front of the right audience effectively.

  • First access to deeper partnership opportunities

    Enjoy first access to sponsorship opportunities at our TourpreneurCONNECT events. These opportunities are curated to ensure maximal impact and ROI, surpassing the often underwhelming returns from traditional trade show investments.

12 benefits when you say yes to corporate membership.

Here’s what you receive as a Tourpreneur Corporate Partner…

  • Access to our Facebook community.

    permission to post your company in the Facebook group in response to operator posts.

  • Post Company-Related Threads in Our Tourpreneur Community

    Share your news, product launches, meet-ups, webinars, trade fairs, trends—whatever propels your business forward—up to twice a month.

  • 5 Team Seats for our Professional Membership

    Allow your team to access a library of videos, courses, articles and resources ($500 value)

  • Logo placement on Tourpreneur home page.

    Your brand is highlighted on our home page as a Corporate Partner.

  • Quarterly Roundtable Call.

    Your team can participate in a quarterly group Corporate Partner Roundtable meeting in which the TP team shares their private industry insights.

  • 1 Newsletter Mention

    We'll mention your company in our weekly newsletter, This Week in Experiences, going out to tens of thousands of tour operators & industry professionals. 

  • 1 Short Podcast Mention

    Not a full ad, but we'll mention your company in a 'roll call' of our partners on the Tourpreneur podcast.

  • Shared article or webinar in our newsletter.

    If you have a special event coming up, let us know and we can share an article or event in our newsletter.

  • Virtual Showcase Appearance

    We hold regular virtual events showcasing companies in our industry. We'll invite you to participate in one event.

  • First chance at further sponsorships.

    If you have a special launch or reason for greater exposure, you get first dibs at our sponsorship slots throughout the year.

  • 20% ticket discount to Tourpreneur CONNECT events.

    If members of your team want to attend our in-person events, you benefit from 20% off ticket price.

Invest in a corporate partnership today, and deepen your reach with tour operators.

Membership in our Corporate Partner program is billed annually at $2,000.

Our program is currently full. We expect to welcome a new cohort of corporate members starting September 1, 2024.