Multi-Day Tour Operator Conference

Join us in Marrakesh, Morocco for an unforgettable tour operator conference focused on growing your multi-day tour business.
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An immersive event tailored to multi-day tour operators.

CONNECT events are laser-focused on tour operators looking to make their businesses more profitable.

  • Effective Tour Design

  • Transitioning to Multi-Day

  • Digital Marketing Multi-Day Tours

  • Finding Niche Markets

  • Storytelling

  • B2B Partnerships

  • Selling Multi-Day

  • Working with OTAs

  • Finding The Right Technology Stack

Thank you to our local partners & sponsors.

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Why attend?

Form B2B Partnerships

CONNECT is all about forging partnerships with fellow operators and travel technology partners who can transform your tour business.

Interactive Education

CONNECT events bring in world class speakers who know our industry, and leave plenty of time for networking.

An immersive venue and experiences

Forget the hotel ballroom, our events take place in immersive environments, and include complementary tour experiences throughout the event.

Don't take our word for it.

Tourpreneur CONNECT was pure magic! Nothing short of a whirlwind adventure into the world of multi-day tour operations. But here’s the real deal: it wasn’t just about the learning (though that was top-notch) The biggest treasure? The incredible folks I met and the partnerships we brewed. Here’s to new friendships, groundbreaking collaborations, and many more escapades!

Luksa Malohodzic
Rewind Dubrovnik

The connect event was an incredible opportunity to build relationships with new and thoughtful tour operators around the world. We’ve already been able to work with a few of to arrange some incredible experiences for our travelers and are looking forward to continuing to grow the partnerships we formed.

Adam White
Atlas Workshops

Thank you all for making the Tourpreneur conference a highlight of my professional life.

The seamless execution of the events, the thoughtfully curated sessions, and the warm hospitality made the entire experience exceptional.

The connections made and lessons learned will undoubtedly shape the way forward in my own journey within the travel industry.

Khadka Kumari Chhetri
Himalayan Planet

In terms of time and money, Seville has been one of the best INVESTMENTS I have made.

Larry Coady
Anam Croí Tours

CONNECT gave me countless insights, conversations and people I’ve met that will continue to help me and my business as I go through notes and digest everything.

Alex Vizcaino
Authentic Mexico

The CONNECT event had all the essential ingredients of the Tourpreneur community:  knowledge, energy, warmth, camaraderie, business connections and a sense of belongingness.

Manish Sinha 

Event Details

Our venue (see image) is a local gem, Les Étoiles de Jamaa El Fna. It’s a cultural center in the middle of the frenetic Marrakesh medina (old city).

The center is just steps away from the Unesco landmark square, Jemaa el-Fnaa. 

Venue Location (Google Maps)

CONNECT events are always in local city centers, never in a hotel conference centers. We have limited number of rooms reserved at two nearby hotels but you are also welcome to book nearby local lodging on your own.

You have three basic choices for Marrakesh:

  • Stay in any of the small riads (a traditional Moroccan house around a central courtyard) close the Jemaa el-Fnaa square. These lodgings are often extremely old buildings, and be warned that the medina (old city) is an adventure to navigate. But you’ll be in the most local lodging.
  • Book an Airbnb. They are affordable and plentiful within minutes’ walk of the event venue.
  • Choose a modern hotel outside of the old city. If you sleep better in a modern hotel with thick walls and air conditioning, they’re all located outside of the medina.

Use the Jemaa el-Fnaa Square as your point of reference for the venue. There are dozens of options to suit budgets nearby. We recommend booking your lodging immediately, as Marrakesh is popular in November.

If you’re flying in to Marrakesh and want to experience some of Morocco, we’re working with local operators to offer some pre-event multi-day experiences.

We’ll announce more experiences soon.

Tourpreneur Connect Venue Morocco

Our spectacular local venue—Les Étoiles de Jamaa El Fna cultural center—is one of the largest in the Marrakesh old city.


Day 1 — Monday, Nov. 18

Arrivals & Welcome Party

Arrive today at any time. In the afternoon long we'll have included tour experiences for anyone wanting to explore Marrakesh.

6pm Welcome Party — official start of CONNECT!

Day 2 — Tuesday, Nov. 19

Education & Meetings I

10-5pm All day long we'll host talks, breakout sessions, and small group meetings.

Optional evening meetups and experiences

Day 3 — Wednesday, Nov. 20

Education & Meetings II

10-5pm All day long we'll host talks, breakout sessions, and small group meetings.

Day 4 — Thursday, Nov. 21

Breakfast Breakouts & Departures

10am-12pm We'll host small group "breakfast breakout" sessions, where we meet in groups according to theme and business type/size, and have facilitated conversations with mentors and experts.

Depart at any time today, or continue on with your Moroccan journey!

Save your place now!


You can choose to stay in either a riad in the old city (Medina) or a modern hotel.

Booking Terms & Conditions

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Maybe! CONNECT events are laser-focused on helping tour operators. This event focuses on businesses leading multi-day trips, but it’s also appropriate for new businesses or day tour operators looking to add multi-day trips to their portfolio.

At a minimum, plan to arrive on Monday, Nov. 18th during the day, in time for the welcome party at 6pm. Then, leave in the afternoon of Thursday, Nov 21.

We highly recommend arriving earlier, however, to make sure you make the most of your time in Morroco. We will be announcing some pre-event multi-day tours from Tourpreneur operators should you like to partake in an excursion before CONNECT begins.