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Creating travel experiences is one of the most fulfilling lines of work out there. But it’s also lonely and hard work, and there’s no quick path to riches.

Tourpreneur helps you along the way. We’re the most active community of tour & activity operators on the planet, filled with generous peers and a deep network of business coaches. Together, we’re focused 100% on helping the world be a better place by helping your businesses grow and improve.

2019: Shane Whaley has an idea.

Meet the Founder

Why is there no non-commercial place online to meet other tour operators and learn?

That was the initial impetus that drove industry veteran Shaney Whaley to start Tourpreneur. It was a podcast and a Facebook group that quickly grew when the world shut down in 2020.

“Tourpreneur saved me during the pandemic” was a constant refrain from operators around the world struggling to figure out what’s next for their business.


Meet Mitch, Pete and Chris.

A New Team

Shane became so successful that he was scouted by a major software company to go lead their community. Into his big shoes stepped three new industry veterans, Mitch Bach, Peter Syme and Chris Torres.

The Tourpreneur Team

12,000 Tourpreneurs in 180+ countries.

Tourpreneur Today

Tourpreneur today has grown to become the industry’s leading place to meet peers. Tourpreneur now runs global in-person events, business coaching programs both online and in-person, and so much more.

Tourpreneur today works with tour operators, guides, travel agents, content creators, technology companies and more, to bring together an ecosystem where we can all learn, support, and grow from each other.