TourpreneurCONNECT Experiential Tourism Events

CONNECT events are celebrations of learning and connection for tour operators and the companies that serve them.

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  • Immersive Tour Operator Learning


    Education focused entirely on the needs of tour operators. 

  • Unparalleled Networking

    Meet fellow tour operators, and build partnerships and friendships.

    Tour Operator Networking Event
  • tourpreneur-connect-tour-operator-event
  • Tour Operator Conference Venue

    Inspiring Venues

    No hotel ballrooms; CONNECT events happen in the thick of town, in incredible destinations.

  • 100% focused on tour operators.

    We have one goal: for you to leave with connections and learning to make you more profitable.

    Peter Syme At Tourpreneur Event
  • Local experiences included.

    From food tours to Flamenco, CONNECT events are experiential.

    Immersive Experiences Tourpreneur

Upcoming Events

We host three events each year. Each one is very different.

Connect. Grow. Learn.

  • Manish Sinha

    The CONNECT event had all the essential ingredients of the Tourpreneur community:  knowledge, energy, warmth, camaraderie, business connections and a sense of belongingness.

  • Edin Ogresevic
    Meet Bosnia Tours

    Your unwavering support and patience throughout the conference were commendable, making the entire event more enjoyable and insightful. Your dedication to creating a positive and inclusive environment did not go unnoticed.

  • Luksa Malohodzic
    Rewind Dubrovnik

    Tourpreneur CONNECT was pure magic! Nothing short of a whirlwind adventure into the world of multi-day tour operations. But here’s the real deal: it wasn’t just about the learning (though that was top-notch) The biggest treasure? The incredible folks I met and the partnerships we brewed. Here’s to new friendships, groundbreaking collaborations, and many more escapades!

  • Adam White
    Atlas Workshops

    The connect event was an incredible opportunity to build relationships with new and thoughtful tour operators around the world. We’ve already been able to work with a few of to arrange some incredible experiences for our travelers and are looking forward to continuing to grow the partnerships we formed.

  • Iris Serbanescu

    It was SUCH a great conference and such a breath of fresh air.