Ep. 241 — What Makes a Great Tour Guide?

“You’re asking questions, you’re getting your participants, your audience, your clients involved… people want to have a voice, people want to have a say, and they want to be included.” -Claire Bown

What Makes a Great Tour Guide

On this episode, Mitch and Clare Bown — two tour guide trainers — dive into the state of tour guiding today, and the skills that make a guided experience truly powerful.

This episode covers:

  • Creating lasting memories on a tour
  • Hiring people who embrace change & learning
  • Personalizing tours, encouraging participation and stimulating curiosity
  • Storytelling and the importance of sensitivity
  • The importance of being aware of your audience and ensuring relevance and meaning for them

About Claire Bown

Claire Bown is a Museum Educator and trainer who is a passionate advocate for creating long-lasting memories through immersive experiences. Her interest was sparked when she visited her children’s school and witnessed the impact of a museum visit on their ability to recall precise details and emotions even a month later. This realization motivated Claire to delve deeper into the world of day tours and explore growth and scale strategies in the multi-day industry.