Ep. 239 — The Power of Consumer Generated Content to Boost your Bookings

On this episode of Tourpreneur, Chris Torres talks about how tour operators can successfully leverage user-generated content in their marketing strategies. He discusses how user-generated content can help build credibility, increase conversions, and generate brand ambassadors. Coca-Cola’s successful Share a Coke campaign is used as a case study for the power of user-generated content in advertising.

“The beauty of this approach is its cost effectiveness. The expenditure are relatively small when you consider the marketing value. It is basically the cost of a meal.” -Chris Torres

This episode covers:

  • The benefits of user-generated content in Facebook Ads
  • The stats behind conversion increases with user-generated content
  • How to leverage user-generated content
  • How engaging with customers more can lead to greater brand elevation

About Chris Torres

Chris is an industry legend when it comes to understanding digital marketing for tour operators. Author of the extremely popular Lookers Into Bookers, his book has helped thousands of operators reach their audiences through the best marketing advice.