Ep. 237 — [Women] Travel Entrepreneurs: Moving Past Uncertainty to Build a Strong Business

On this episode of Tourpreneur, we interview Justa Lujwangana, founder of a Tanzanian tourism company. Justa shares her journey to finding her passion in showcasing Tanzanian culture through tourism. She discusses her immersive tours and challenges she faced while starting her tourism business. Justa also emphasizes the importance of personal contacts, the limited perspective of Tanzanian tourism, and investing in accommodations.

I came here when I was young. I could have forgot all about who I am, my culture, and everything. But since my mom embedded into us that, and she was the first ambassador, in my view, I felt like I needed to take that light and just keep on passing it on.” – Justa Lujwangana

This episode covers:

  • The Learning Curve of Starting a Business
  • Showcasing Local Culture through Immersive Experiences
  • The Perception of Failure as an Opportunity to Improve
  • The Importance of Making Clients Feel Welcome at the Start

About Justa Lujwangana

Justa Lujwangana (Curious on Tanzania) is a Tanzanian-born woman who moved to the United States at the age of twelve. Her mother instilled in her and her siblings the importance of never forgetting their Tanzanian heritage, and Justa found ways to share her culture with others through dance, drama, and education. She studied clinical dietetics and became a dietitian, but still felt unfulfilled in the quest to give back to Tanzania. Her uncle introduced her to the world of tourism in Tanzania, leading her to create a company that offers unique cultural experiences for tourists. Her curiosity and desire to give back led her to find a way to share her culture and give back to her community.