Multi-Day Podcast: The Ultimate Sales Machine

It’s about building a foundation that will have a strong base for the future as opposed to it being a sprint where you get the reward, but perhaps it doesn’t hang around for long.– Ruth Franklin

The Ultimate Sales Machine: Converting Dream Clients into Reality

On this episode of the Multi-Day Podcast, the guest, Ruth, discusses her well-integrated processes and methodical approach to business. She shares how she converted the ten initial partners she contacted, as well as tips for using LinkedIn, attending trade shows, and selecting suitable partnerships. Ruth also stresses the importance of connecting with the right people and considering all aspects of the tour, as well as providing summaries and taking follow-up action.

This episode covers:

  • How to Minimize Risks and Enhance Client Experience
  • Building Connections on LinkedIn
  • The Key to Successful Partnerships
  • The Importance of Selecting and Preparing for Trade Fairs

About Ruth Franklin

Ruth Franklin (Secret Paradise Maldives) came from a retail background and had little knowledge of the tourism industry. Despite this, she started a business with a B2B business. She researched operators in Asia and other destinations and made a wish list of ten operators to work with to gain a better return. Local island tourism in the Maldives was still in its infancy, but Ruth worked hard to establish the business and form strategic partnerships.