Tipping, Tiktok and Evolving Your Business

Talking to tour operator John O’Sullivan is always a breath of fresh air; he likes to think deeply about the tour industry, and experiment with new ideas that often challenge the tour operator orthodoxy. John runs Depot Adventures in Melbourne, Australia and Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as a new TikTok-based venture, One Minute Tours. John’s […]

Booking Software Insights: A Panel Discussion

As part of the opening of our Tour Technology Demo Days virtual event, we hosted a panel discussion to ask tech companies questions that many tour operators have on their minds: How should you think about choosing your day tour company’s booking software? Why is support so important? What value does booking software bring, that […]

Hot Seat Business Analysis: Rewind Dubrovnik

rewind dubrovnik hot seat

In this member’s-only Hot Seat, we sit down with Lukša Malohodžić of Rewind Dubrovnik to talk about the fantastic growth and success of his business so far, and the growing pains of looking ahead.