What is 'Things to do?'

Google ‘Things to do’ is a powerful way for tour operators, activities, and attractions to display their offerings to travelers searching for “things to do” and related queries (e.g. “River cruise in London,” “Berlin bike tours”, “scuba diving in Goa”) across Google Search and Maps.

‘Things to do’ helps you, the operator, find new opportunities to reach your audience. Potential customers can discover your business not only in traditional search results, but across “Points of Interest” on Google Maps, on new visual carousels highlighting available tours, and so much more.

Making sure your business and tours are on ‘Things to do’ is an easy way to open the door to more direct bookings, and the best part is, there’s no cost to you.

Why should you sign up?

  • Easy enrollment in 5 minutes or less. If you’ve already claimed your Google Business Profile, then listing your tours directly with Google is a simple additional step, using the Tickets & Activities Editor.
  • Reach more customers. By signing up for ‘Things to do’ your company and tours will appear in more places on Google.
  • Get more direct bookings. Your ‘Things to do’ tour listings link back to your own website, bringing you more traffic and direct sales. Official websites qualify for a badge and often appear more prominently on Google.
  • No charge. Google does not charge a booking or listing fee to share your tours on ‘Things to do’, and there is no booking commission, just a direct link to your website, where the customer can book directly with you. You may, however, choose to pay one of Google’s approved connectivity partners to manage your listing, and there is also an opportunity to run paid ads on ‘Things to do’.
  • List your individual tours, not just your business. Your individual tour listings will display in a variety of new places, such as your Google Business Page, Google Maps, along with certain search terms. Google is always looking to expand these surfaces.

Why did Google create ‘Things to do’?

There is a growing interest in travelers and locals looking for ways to spend their time and money in a destination:

  • Every month, Google facilitates over 4 billion search connections between local businesses and their potential customers. This includes website clicks, phone calls, map directions, and reservations.
  • Those connections are often based on searches like “unique things to do near me,” which have grown globally by over 100% year-over-year.

Given this demand and the vast amount of choices available, our goal for Google ‘Things to do’ is to help travelers and locals make the best decisions possible for how to spend their time and money at a destination. ‘Things to do’ helps those customers find, compare and book experiences like yours seamlessly.

Do you mind sharing your current enrollment status with ‘Things to do’?

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