Digging Deeper: More Questions & Answers

We hope at this point that you have a better understanding of Google ‘Things to do’ and how your tour & activity company can best participate.

This final module answers any lingering questions you may have. We’ll continue to add to it as the program evolves and we hear from more operators.

Is ‘Things to do’ available in my country?

If you can create a Google Business Profile, then you can enroll in ‘Things to do’.

Running paid ‘Things to do’ Ads are available in over 50 countries.

Is ‘Things to do’ similar to an OTA, like Viator or GetYourGuide?

No. ‘Things to do’ collects tour listings from across the internet—both from your website, and OTA partners—and displays them for travelers to discover. ‘Things to do’ doesn’t collect a commission, it’s a free service. You can, however, elect through a connectivity partner to sell paid ads on ‘Things to do’.

Is a Connectivity Partner different than an OTA?

Google’s Connectivity Partners include anyone that connects with Google Things to do.

Does ‘Things to do’ work well for a multi-day tour operator?

In its current iteration, the features of ‘Things to do’ are designed to service travelers booking in-destination such as day tours or attraction tickets.

For tours spanning multiple days and several regions or countries, your tours can still be loaded on ‘Things to do’ provided you can abide by our policies for pricing, availability, and direct booking.

What address should I use for my Business Profile?

  • You don’t need an address for your Business Profile, but it’s highly recommended. Some features require an address for your business.

  • That address does not need to be a storefront, or connected to your tour route.

  • The address needs to be verified, which happens by Google mailing you a postcard.

    What if I’m a “Service Area Business”?

    Read this resource here.

    What if I have multiple tour business locations?

    Add products to each business listing if you have multiple offices!

Final Module