Questions to Ask Your Connectivity Partner

Some of these questions may not apply if you’re not interested in using a certain feature (e.g. paid ‘Things to do’ ads).

  • Are you fully integrated with Google ‘Things to do’ for attraction and/or tour operator direct bookings?
  • Can I participate in ‘Things to do’ paid Ads through you?
  • Do you provide support in setting up and running my ad campaigns, or do I need to work with a marketing agency partner in addition?
  • Are you able to refer me to a marketing agency partner?
  • Are you able to include ratings, reviews, images, and related locations in my Google ‘Things to do’ listing to maximize my chance of increased exposure and referrals on Google?
  • Do you charge for listing my tours on Google ‘Things to do’?
  • How many Points of Interest can I add to each tour?
  • Can you publish my products in multiple languages?
  • Do you monitor my listings for alerts and problems?
  • What page do you link to—my website’s booking page, or the booking software’s page?
  • What kind of reporting do you offer, such as the number of referrals I receive from the program?
  • Do you offer technical support related to ‘Things to do’ listings? If so, how is that support provided?
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