Multi-Day Episode 5 — Selling the Experience & Crafting a Clear Customer Journey

“Important things to consider before traveling: ‘What mistakes do I see or what calls am I answering? What do people constantly ask me? How can I answer these questions on the website?'” -Russel Astle-Coates

Selling the Experience & Crafting a Clear Customer Journey

On this episode of the Multi-Day Podcast with Russel Astle-Coates, we explore the importance of clear and prominent information on tour operators’ websites. We discuss the placement of information, the use of testimonials, and the integration of chatbots to answer inquiries. Plus, we hear from Tourism Tiger about the value of building credibility with customers and maintaining a strong website.

This episodes includes;

  • Optimizing your website for better sales conversions
  • Creating content that immerses buyers
  • Maximizing credibility
  • Maximizing customer support with chatbots and FAQs

About Russel Astle-Coates

Meet Russel Astle-Coates, a UK native with a background in multimedia sales and sales coaching. His adventurous spirit led him to live in South America for five years in addition to exploring North America, Europe, and South East Asia. For the past six years, Russel has been a vital part of TourismTiger, specializing in tourism website design. Beyond work, he’s an avid runner, conquering marathons across Europe. Russel is eager to connect and share his experiences with others.