Multi-Day Podcast: ROI, Safety, and Experience

“So we are the most expensive by 30%, but we also have the best possible safety record…So that’s why I’d say it’s so expensive. But I don’t think it’s expensive if you’re trusting someone with your life to go in a fabric balloon in a wicker basket to thousands of feet in the sky.” -Eliav Cohen

The Business of Ballooning: ROI, Safety and Experience

On this episode of the Multi-Day Podcast, Mat talks to Eliav Cohen about the luxury hot air balloon industry. They discuss the costs that go into operating a balloon business, the importance of safety measures, and the benefits of curation and automation in marketing. They also explore how experiences can be expanded through cross-selling and building relationships in unexpected ways, such as hot air ballooning with CEOs.

This episode includes;

  • The value of cross-selling in a business acquisition
  • Building business relationships
  • The power of descriptive language paired with SEO
  • Curating luxury experiences

About Eliav Cohen

Eliav Cohen is a hot air balloon enthusiast who turned his passion into a