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How Tour Operators Can Tap Into Local Markets with Checkfront’s Kyla Steeves. (93)

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How Tour Operators Can Tap Into Local Markets with Checkfront’s Kyla Steeves. (93)

how tour operators can tap into local markets
How tour operators can tap into local markets

Not sure how to market your tours and activities locally? Then today’s Tourpreneur is for you!

Checkfront just released an in-depth and highly actionable e-book on local marketing, which covers everything from optimizing your local presence online to standing out in the local community.  Get your free copy today!  The ebook gives actionable tips offering advice on how tour operators can tap into local markets

In this episode of the Tourpreneur podcast, Kyla Steeves who authored the local marketing guide for tour operators join us and shares 5 key strategies.

Local Marketing for Tour Operators

Kyla’s 5 key local marketing strategies for activity and tour operators

1. What are local keywords and why is research so important when most are pretty obvious? You might be surprised by the search terms people use to describe your products. Also, knowing where to use local keywords on your website can be tricky. There are many sneaky places to put local keywords that can be overlooked, but the real key is knowing how to create keyword themes for your booking pages based on your keyword research.

2. Don’t just rely on local keywords; remember your NAP. What is that? Your NAP is your Name, Address, and Phone number. The more places you have a correct version of your NAP online, the more you’ll be able to legitimize your business in Google’s eyes, helping to get a higher ranking for local searches. Where should you put your NAP?

3. Google My Business is the champion of local listings. If you haven’t verified your listing yet, get on that immediately! It’s a free and powerful marketing tool – more than you even realize. With it, you can get a higher ranking in Google Maps, and snag a spot in the coveted local snack pack, while also giving a brief overview of your business and offerings. How do you optimize your GMB listing so that it successfully leads users down the path to purchase?

4. You might not have a budget for Google and Facebook Ads right now, but if you can swing it, there are many benefits to advertising when everyone else is holding back. But you’ll want to make sure that you’re not wasting clicks on pay-per-click ads from people that are outside your region who won’t be able to participate anyway. How do you narrow in on a hyper-local audience in Google Ads, and what are some tricks to keep in mind?

5. There are so many places to connect with locals online, as well as others in the industry who are talking about what they’re doing at this time to make their tours more local-friendly — Tourpreneur is the perfect place for that. What are some ways you can stand out when it comes to reopening, and how can you work with other tour operators to help the tourism sector thrive in your region again?

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Shane Whaley is the Producer and Host of the Tourpreneur Podcast. He is also the curator in chief for the Tourpreneur Daily Brief. Shane has worked in the travel industry for almost twenty years.

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