Ep. 69 — How The WFTA Can Help You Grow Your Food Tour Business

Welcome to episode 69 of the Tourpreneur Podcast. Today we discover how the WFTA can help you start or grow your food tour business.

We’re joined by Erik Wolf, the founder and executive director of the World Food Travel Association. The world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism.

The WFTA mission is to ‘preserve and promote culinary tours through hospitality and tourism’ and on this episode of the Tourpreneur podcast, you will hear how they strive to achieve that.

Erik Wolf also shares more about their 6th annual WFTA virtual summit called FoodTreX.

We learn more about the curriculum as well as the speakers who will feature. This is a paid summit with the inclusion of several free sessions which includes ‘When crisis strikes: how to manage a meltdown’ with Devour Tours’ James Blick.

We close out the show with an important message from Erik Wolf for all food tour operators out there who are hurting and struggling during these tough days of COVID-19 and lockdown. 

I highly recommend reading Erik Wolf’s Medium article – Time to Make Lemonade – 10 Ways to Cope With the Coronavirus Pandemic

What we will cover

  • How the food tour scene has exploded in the last few years.
  • Why Food Tours are not all about gourmet.
  • Food Tour Research
  • Food Tourism Professional Development
  • The WFTA online community Gastroterra
  • Food and Beverage Tour Guide Certification
  • Food and Beverage Tour Operator Certification
  • The WFTA Podcast – Eat Well, Travel Better
  • Erik’s book – Have Fork Will Travel – A Practical Handbook for Food and Drink Tourism Professionals
  • And much more!


The World Food Tourism Association

Erik Wolf

FoodTrex Online Food Tour Summit

Have Fork Will Travel

Eat Well Travel Better – The WFTA Podcast