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How We Attracted 3000 Guests in our first year of starting a tour business (Ep 18)

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How We Attracted 3000 Guests in our first year of starting a tour business (Ep 18)



On this episode of Tourpreneur a podcast for tour operators and tour professionals, Ben Dolgoff of ForeverVacation shares his journey of how he opened his tour business and acquired 3000 guests in his first year of business.

Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley digs deep into the story of Ben Dolgoff a serial entrepreneur who has founded 11 companies yet this is his first foray into the tour and activities sector.

Ben pulls back the curtain on his online media marketing setup and generously shares his tour marketing strategy with Tourpreneur listeners.

On this episode, he reveals:

  • What motivated him to start a tour business.
  • How he promoted his tours.
  • How he uses Facebook to acquire customers for his tours from as little as five bucks a day.
  • How Instagram played a major role in their success.
  • Why Ben is a big fan of retargeting ads.
  • Why he loves OTAs
  • The importance of funnels in his marketing strategy.
  • How he finds the right tour guides for his tour business.
  • How ForeverVacation works with influencers.
  • What tools he uses to market his tour business online.
  • Why Forever Vacation now offers tours in Malaysia and Vietnam.
  • And much more!
Learn more here.

Resources and websites mentioned on Episode 18 of the Tourpreneur Podcast with Ben Dolgoff of ForeverVacation.


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Shane Whaley

Shane Whaley is the Producer and Host of the Tourpreneur Podcast. He is also the curator in chief for the Tourpreneur Daily Brief. Shane has worked in the travel industry for almost twenty years.

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