Ep. 253 — Enhancing Tourism with AI: Collaboration, Differentiation and Revenue Optimisation

In this episode of Tourpreneur, host Peter Syme welcomes special guest Marius Nigard to explore the exciting intersection of AI technology and the travel industry.

Marius shares insights into the potential of AI-driven tools to personalise and enhance the travel experience, from providing self-guided audio tours to advising on optimal visiting times for popular attractions. As they delve into the economic and collaborative implications of utilising AI-generated content, they also emphasise the importance of storytelling and personalisation in engaging the 97% of travellers who prefer independent exploration.

Join us as we uncover the opportunities and challenges brought about by AI technology in redefining the future of guided tours and travel experiences.

Timestamp Overview

00:00 AI-driven destination guides revolutionize travel industry.

06:21 Understanding customer data for real-time personalization.

07:59 Moving from one-to-many to personal learning.

10:28 Encouraging independent travel experiences, providing digital guidance.

14:40 AI in travel industry needs high-quality data.

18:34 The future of AI and safeguarding information.

23:18 Reward content creators, create new market opportunities.

26:17 Building API as a tool for customization.

29:07 Tailored branding and technology shape tourism’s future.

31:48 Highlighting the revenue potential of upselling tours.

34:17 META launching AI characters for millions daily.

39:38 Urgent buying decision in global industry.

42:20 Promoting diverse cultural experiences for tourists.

46:03 AI tour guides offer opportunities for growth.

47:40 Appreciation expressed multiple times for having me.