Ep. 231 — Risk Management: Strategies For Improving Safety, Mental Health, And Duty Of Care

Join Mitch Bach as he hosts the Tourpreneur Podcast with Dave Dennis of the Cornerstone Safety Group, Kristin Dennison, VP of Trip Experience at TrovaTrip, and Mike Megan, Executive Director with Global Expeditions Group. They discuss risk management in the travel industry and how tour operators can ensure safety for travelers.

Hear their stories from TrovaTrips and Global Expeditions, learn about Cornerstone’s services such as a resource library and on-call services for members, and discover how to create conditions for powerful transformation of people through travel experiences.

Key timestamps:

0:02:57 Risk Management and Duty of Care: A Conversation with Dave

0:05:16 Discussion on Duty of Care: Legal and Moral Obligations of Tour Operators

0:07:38 “Risk Management and Safety in the Travel and Adventure Industry”

0:10:47 Prioritizing Safety in Travel Delivery and Onboarding

0:13:00 Exploring Global Risk Management and Duty of Care Obligations for Travelers

0:14:34 Risk Management Communication: A Discussion on Physical and Mental Risks

0:16:07 Crisis Management Planning for Travel Organizations

0:21:35 Discussion on Duty of Care and Secession Planning in the Workforce

0:22:44 Conversation on Crisis Response Structures and Risk Management for Field Staff

0:25:05 Conversation on Mental Well-Being and Emotional Support in the Travel Ecosystem Post-Pandemic

0:26:53 Exploring Mental Health Support for Travelers and Staff in the Post-Pandemic Landscape

0:31:27 Examining the Impact of the Pandemic on Teamwork and Mental Health in College Programs

0:33:46 Discussion on Student Burnout and Mental Health Issues in Travel Programs

0:35:32 Mental Health Training for Tour Operators and Guides

0:39:07 Setting Appropriate Emotional Boundaries for Field Staff and Office Teams

0:42:47 Setting Boundaries for Transformative Experiences

0:47:08 Conversation on Risk Management and Intentional Travel Planning

0:48:38 Discussion on Developing a Framework for the Travel Industry