Ep. 208 — Babylon Tours: Scaling a Lean Walking Tour Company

Mitch Bach is joined by Arnauld Azoulay, the founder of Babylon Tours, as they delve into the fascinating journey of scaling a lean walking tour company. With a focus on creating high-quality experiences, Arnauld shares his insights on building customer loyalty, managing a small operational team across multiple cities, and his unique approach to tour creation. From the challenges of expanding to new cities to the innovative use of “semi-private” tours, this episode is brimming with valuable entrepreneurial wisdom for tour operators and enthusiasts. So, join us as we discover the strategies and stories behind scaling a successful walking tour company with Arnauld Azoulay.

00:00 Switched from French to English, became successful tour guide.

04:29 Successful expansion of tour guide business globally.

09:01 Customers seek quality experiences, prefer small groups.

10:14 Outsourcing marketing to focus on business interests.

14:14 Claimed coining “semi private” term, algorithm concerns.

18:24 Building trust with guides for successful tours.

20:19 Seeking feedback, addressing concerns, and offering support.

23:12 Museum tour operator offers city walking tours.

26:18 Creating engaging and immersive art museum experiences.

30:18 Guiding clients, connecting, and sharing local knowledge.

35:33 Believe in product, market it patiently.

36:57 Artist finds inspiration in paying the bills.

39:22 Avoiding what upsets us, staying inspired. Getting things done.