Ep. 199 — Legal Considerations for Tour Operators

In this episode titled “All Things Legal!” host Mitch Bach welcomes Jeff Ment, an esteemed lawyer specializing in travel law, to delve into the complex legal landscape facing tour operators. From protecting valuable assets to the intricacies of paying guides in different countries, Mitch and Jeff discuss a wide range of legal strategies and challenges. They also cover the importance of proper terms and conditions, errors and omissions insurance, waivers, trademarking, and navigating international laws.


00:00 Challenges lead to new travel industry opportunities.

09:31 Interpret law and counsel for selling travel.

15:21 Berkshire Hathaway and Aon offer combined insurance.

20:16 Companies require waivers for higher risk activities.

22:44 Customized waivers work best; generic ones fail.

29:19 Trademarking Milwaukee Food Tours may be possible.

36:48 Understanding influencers and travel contracts for marketing.

42:15 Independent contractors need autonomy, not control.

46:56 Lawyers help with contracts, protect your business.

49:55 Guides crucial to legal cases, training essential.

58:10 Simplify photo use with clear terms.

01:00:10 Appreciate being here. Important topics, don’t overcomplicate.