Ep. 64 — Food Tour Operators Round Table – What is Food Tour Week?

Three Food Tour Operators, or as we prefer to call them food tourpreneurs, discuss all things food tours on the inaugural Food Tour Round Table on the Tourpreneur Podcast.

Topics include what is Food Tour Week, what booking platform our guests use for their food tour business and much more! 

We are joined by the organizers of Food Tour Week, Lauren McCabe Herpich (Local Food Adventures), Midgi Moore (Juneau Food Tours) and Kevin Durkee (Culinary Adventure Company.)

In this candid and in-depth episode of Tourpreneur, we are joined by Midge More of Juno food tours, Lauren McCabe-Herbech of Local Food Adventures, Maggie, and Kevin Durkee of Culinary Adventure Company. Our round table discussion is about the hottest culinary event of the year – Food Tour Week.

Food Tour Week is about passionate food tour operators around the world who love what they deliver. These food tour guides want people to see the best culinary adventure companies in the world who live, breathe, and eat (pun intended!) food. For small businesses, it makes sense to combine marketing budgets to create a more significant impact. With Food Tour Week, you can search on the site and find a food tour in any city in any part of the world. The benefits are about collaboration, storytelling around trips, and partnering with hundreds of other food tour operators around the world.

“We’re offering a tremendous amount of value through ads and other experiential elements; they are encouraging food tour operators and drink and beverage tour operators around the world to get involved now.

Food Tour Week is a great way to have full annual commitment and visibility on the food tour week website, along with PR and buzz from the tour. “We’ve tried to keep the budget small so that hundreds of operators around the world can get involved.”

Our panel talks about the pitfalls of putting your tour on TripAdvisor, the pros and cons, and why you might not want to play in their space. Our Food Tour Operator Panelist also discuss why they have work with their current booking platform.

Tourpreneur host, Shane Whaley also asks today’s food tourpreneurs what is their favorite everfood tour (other than their own of course.)


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