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From The Blog

How a Buyer-Seller Conference can power your Tour Business

Mitch talks with Catherine Prather about how a buyer-seller conference can help you quickly grow your business.
MD 005 Russ

Multi-Day Podcast: Selling the Experience & Crafting a Clear Customer Journey

On this episode of the Multi-Day Podcast with Russel Astle-Coates, we explore the importance of clear and prominent information on tour operators' websites. We discuss the placement of information, the use of testimonials, and the integration of chatbots to answer inquiries. Plus, we hear from Tourism Tiger about the value of building credibility with customers and maintaining a strong website.
241 Clare Bown

What Makes a Great Tour Guide

On this episode, Mitch and Clare Bown — two tour guide trainers — dive into the state of tour guiding today, and the skills that make a guided experience truly powerful.
MD 004 Eliav

Multi-Day Podcast: ROI, Safety, and Experience

On this episode of the Multi-Day Podcast, Mat talks to Eliav Cohen about the luxury hot air balloon industry. They discuss the costs that go into operating a balloon business, the importance of safety measures, and the benefits of curation and automation in marketing. They also explore how experiences can be expanded through cross-selling and building relationships in unexpected ways, such as hot air ballooning with CEOs.
Stephanie Flor

[Women] Travel Entrepreneurs: The Power of Cultural Context in Travel Experiences

On this episode of our [Women] Travel Entrepreneur Series, Kelly Lewis interviews Stephanie Flor, founder of a luxury travel company that focuses on providing a unique travel experience through a beauty lens.
MD 003 Denise

Multi-Day Podcast: Turning Your Social Media Following into a Successful Business

On this episode of the Multi-Day Podcast, Denise Carnihan shares her journey from discussing business ideas over drinks, opening up a school in Kenya, writing a book, and embarking on a mission to create authentic local experiences for her followers.

TripAdmit Tap To Tip: New Guide Tipping & Review Collection Technology

Mitch watches John Maguire, CEO of TripAdmit, demonstrate their new "tap to tip" tech product to help guides get more tips, and operators generate more reviews.
239 Consumer Content (1)

The Power of Consumer Generated Content to Boost your Bookings

On this episode of Tourpreneur, Chris Torres talks about how tour operators can successfully leverage user-generated content in their marketing strategies.
002 - MD Scott SQ

Multi-Day Podcast: Why Quality Guides and Vehicles Make or Break a Safari Experience 

On this episode of The Multi-Day Podcast, we dive into the world of safaris and tourism entrepreneurship with Scott Brills.




Blogging for Tour Operators

Blogger and Tour Operator Jessie Festa of Jessie on a journey shares how to create a blog on your website that helps you sell more tours!

Buying & Selling a Tour Business

Trish Higgins of Chenmark guides you through what to consider when selling your tour business, and questions to ask when buying one.

AI Tools for Tour Operators

The pace of AI tool developments since the release of chatGPT has been dizzying; we are developing a course structure that allows us to continuously update the resources as new developments continue daily.

DIY Google Ads for Tour Operators

Learn from the master how to create, optimize and track your paid ad campaigns on Google.

How to Build a Tour Business Website

Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll have an optimized, well-designed tour business website!

Pricing Strategy for Tour Operators

Zeb Smith of Zebulon guides you through his thinking for pricing strategy for tour operators.

Email Marketing Strategy

Mitch guides you through the basics of a sound email marketing strategy, applicable to both day and multi-day operators.
Tour Operator Copywriting for Tour Businesses

Copywriting That Converts

8 videos, 1 PDF. From website to tour page to email newsletters, Dorene covers the best tips and practices for mastering copywriting for your tour business.

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