Ep. 240 — The Power of Cultural Context in Travel Experiences

On this episode of our [Women] Travel Entrepreneur Series, Kelly Lewis interviews Stephanie Flor, founder of a luxury travel company that focuses on providing a unique travel experience through a beauty lens.

“The best way of managing expectations has been the fact that I try to connect with [the guests] as much as I can. To let them know exactly what to expect. And I say that sentence of when you travel, nothing grows according to plan, but that is part of the journey. So flow like water.” – Stephanie Flor

This episode covers:

  • Building confidence as a leader
  • Communicating with clients to set expectations
  • Learning to separate oneself from company success or failure
  • Building partnerships and investing in relationships
  • Connecting with clients through speaking engagements and live videos
  • Expanding your brand (through a book & tv show)

About Stephanie Flor

Stephanie Flor, a New York City resident, is the proud founder of Around the World Beauty, an established business she has nurtured for ten years. Her company’s goal is to delve into the profound concept of beauty, recognizing it as an inner experience, a spiritual journey, and an embodiment of ethos and travel. Stephanie’s extensive experience in the beauty industry spans over two decades, during which she has collaborated with renowned personalities such as Mariah Carey, Kathy Griffin, and Anderson Cooper from CNN. Despite her success in the beauty industry, Stephanie felt a strong calling to explore the transformative power of travel, believing that no amount of makeup or beauty routines could ever evoke the radiance that travel brings. On a mission to empower women through cultural exploration and a beauty lens, Stephanie has been inspiring and guiding women to venture into the world, encouraging them to see the beauty in every corner they visit.