Ep. 252 — The Tourpeneur Call-in Show

Chris Torres kicks things off by discussing the three paths for business owners: low road (staying small), middle road (scaling up to a moderate size), and high road (scaling up to a big company), emphasizing the importance of aligning these choices with personal and business goals. Mitch Bach joins in to emphasize the significance of personal fulfillment and passion in business, while Peter Syme shares valuable insights and advice on navigating potential industry disruptions in 2024.

Throughout the episode, our hosts tackle questions from the community and provide expert advice on reaching customers, marketing strategies, scenario planning, and the debate around scaling up businesses. With a mix of humor, candid insights, and actionable tips, this episode will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to take your tour business to the next level.

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let’s dive into the latest in the world of travel entrepreneurship.

Timestamp Overview

00:00 Marketing coaching call discusses 2024 trends and success.

06:43 Global unrest could disrupt travel in 2024.

09:53 Product experimentation is crucial for success.

11:23 Virtual travel trend set to grow further.

16:03 Testing tour logistics with friends and family.

20:04 Target female solo travelers, analyze audience data.

21:39 New operators often neglect marketing, leading to slow growth.

25:26 Build personal brand, market unique experiences effectively.

27:17 Linda seeks collaboration with international travel agents.

33:14 Building agent relationships through valuable information exchange.

34:42 Misunderstandings about agency’s travel services, communication hurdles.

38:02 Create batch of content and publish strategically.

42:58 Transformational travel offers emotional fulfillment and change.

44:38 Appealing to slow travelers through storytelling and photos.

50:01 Small companies can lead to success and happiness.

51:39 Prefers small business for work-life balance.

54:51 As a business owner, learn to say no.

58:43 Tourpreneur.com offers business coaching and resources.