Ep. 204 — Responsible Tourism in India

In this episode of Tourpreneur, host Peter Syme welcomes Sachin Bansal, an esteemed tourism operator from India with over two decades of experience and a portfolio of award-winning tourism brands. Sachin discusses his business model, which focuses on providing authentic local experiences and engaging local communities to create real-life experiences for travelers. The conversation delves into responsible tourism, sustainable business practices, challenges in digital content distribution, the impact of new technologies on marketing, and the current state of tourism in India post-COVID. The episode also explores the potential for internal growth in India’s tourism industry, the need for investment and government support, and the challenges of pricing in the Indian tourism market. With insights and expertise from Sachin, listeners gain a deeper understanding of responsible tourism practices and the evolving landscape of tourism in India.

00:00 Sachin operates multiple tour companies in India.

06:00 Tour operator acts as a comprehensive hub.

07:17 Refreshing tourism products with inclusiveness and creativity.

12:54 Tourism industry needs professionalization to thrive.

15:42 Sales team focuses on networking and familiarization.

19:07 Farm trips in Southeast Asia led to success.

21:28 Training program develops soft skills for tour guides.

24:52 India’s size and youth suggest internal growth.

27:30 India operator challenges: pricing, quality compromise, risk.

33:27 Travel providers must consider accommodation and transport.

34:41 Friends in Pakistan during flood, impacting destinations.

40:49 Entrepreneurs struggle with unique content production challenges.

41:54 New technologies bring content challenges but opportunities.

45:06 Invites lined up for input from India.

About Sachin Bansal

Sachin is a proud entrepreneur in the tourism industry, hailing from India. With a long-standing passion for the business, he has built a regional-based tourism company that focuses on providing authentic and immersive experiences. Recognizing the need for special interest tours, sightseeing, and experiences in India, Sachin has developed targeted brands to cater to specific audience needs. His dedication to delivering tailored experiences sets his company apart in the industry.