Ep. 229 — Why You Should Embrace AI, Not Be Afraid of It

With so much discussion in the Tourpreneur Community about the good, the bad and the ugly of AI, Chris Torres advises on why he feels a lot of operators are missing the revenue opportunities it brings.

AI is transforming the tourism industry by offering personalised experiences, hybrid tours, and self-guided options that can increase revenue and profits for businesses.

  • 00:00 💰 AI is a game-changer for tourism businesses, that can drive revenue and profit while transforming society as we know it.
  • 01:47 💻 🌍 Hybrid tours can boost brand exposure and profits by providing both digital and in-person experiences throughout the customer journey.
  • 02:25 🤖 An AI Avatar guide offers personalised travel experiences from booking to insights during the trip.
  • 04:54 💻 🌍 Hybrid tourism experiences that blend digital and in-person elements with the help of AI can increase revenue.
  • 05:35 💰 AI-delivered self-guided options for customers unable to book in-person experiences.
  • 06:36 🌍 Mac Adventure’s switch to a fully self-guided model shows the exponential growth potential of the fast-growing self-guided travel sector.
  • 07:30 💡 Understand the impact of AI on business and embrace its potential for generating revenue.