Ep. 226 — Growing a Multi-Day Tour Business in Italy (with Katy Clarke)

Katy Clarke of Untold Italy chats with Mitch Bach and shares her insights on building a successful multi-day tour business in Italy through podcasting, affiliate marketing, and creating connections and community.

  • 00:00 Starting a tour business in Italy? Katie Clark from Untold Italy shares her insights on building a multi-day tour business.
  • 08:07 I have a strong relationship with Day Tour operators in Italy, which has resulted in successful revenue from affiliate sales, advertising, and sponsorship.  
  • 14:40 Podcasting is a great way to build relationships and market tour businesses.
  • 19:35 Create a travel podcast to build a global business, provide value, and use affiliate marketing to make high margin revenue.
  • 28:04 Developing a brand for off-the-beaten-path Italian experiences can lead to sustainable tourism and earning a little chunk off of recommendations.
  • 36:14 Creating connections and community through shared experiences can create lifelong friendships and memories.
  • 44:06 Be honest and collaborate to get the best results, rather than trying to go it alone.

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