Ep. 225 — The future of tourism will be dictated by the Planet

The environmental and sustainability challenges with Professor Enda McGovern.   Pete was lucky enough to come across Enda when we were both presenting at the AI Summer School For Tourism last year in Ireland. What he had to say opened my mind to the real problems and challenges that travel and tourism faces and the ones that will dictate all our futures. He holds nothing back with very strong views on the future of tourism in this podcast!

00:00 Podcast introduces Edna McGovern and their impactful presentation.

06:03 Uncertain climate change predictions, weather pattern shifts.

08:50 Unpredictable weather challenges tourism in popular destinations.

10:42 Climate change causing devastation and travel challenges.

15:51 Difficulty grasping lifestyle changes, evolution of vineyards.

19:37 Tourism industry criticized for carbon emissions.

21:59 Capitalism vs nature: society’s materialistic consequences.

25:50 Changing travel patterns: closeness over long distances.

30:03 Globalization’s impact and the rise of wealth.

33:51 Preparing for emergencies is not natural for individuals.

35:35 Suggesting better leadership and preparedness for challenges.

39:16 Concern over climate change and its consequences.

41:24 Recommend upfront mention of business model benefits.

44:14 Value, passion, sustainability, guidance in tourism industry.

About Enda

Enda McGovern is a passionate advocate for sustainable and renewable energy solutions. When asked what he would do to combat the environmental impact of carbon emissions, he boldly stated that he would take every aircraft out of the air and close every coal-fired power station, even if it meant experiencing outages. He firmly believes that once alternatives to carbon burning are enabled, everything will return to normal, including air travel. McGovern’s determination to address climate change and promote sustainable energy highlights his commitment to creating a more environmentally friendly future.