Ep. 223 — Selecting the Right Event to Attend for Tour Operators

Mitch, Chris and Pete are joined by Douglas Quinby and Bruce Rosard of the amazing industry focused event Arival to discuss how you should choose the event that will give you the best ROI.

We discuss…

  • Which event is right for you
  • Doing your ground work before you attend
  • Why Tour Operators should attend Arival
  • Getting an ROI from events
  • 02:38 Networking, deals, partnerships lead to bigger events. Start locally, understand event types, work hard.
  • 04:55 Lack of diverse buyers at Arrival event.
  • 08:21 Event success depends on preparation and networking.
  • 11:28 Importance of tourism industry and cultural differences.
  • 15:10 Tourpreneur community focuses on ROI, marathon events.
  • 18:23 Valuable education component helps professionalize arrival industry.
  • 20:18 Maximize time with 2 guys from Columbia.
  • 23:45 Reach out to industry contacts for guidance.
  • 26:52 Digital game trumps traditional events, save money.
  • 31:23 Events provide valuable learning opportunities for businesses.
  • 34:12 Open mind at events can create possibilities.
  • 38:05 Events with global operators expand product development.
  • 41:47 Connect, niche talk, latest trends, water sports, podcasting, cross learning opportunities.
  • 45:40 cost, accessibility, regional relevance.
  • 48:25 Remember the questions, have a great time.