Ep. 222 — Multi-day Tour Distribution & Trends (with TourRadar’s Travis Pittman)

In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Travis Pittman—co-Founder and CEO of TourRadar—joining our hosts Chris Torres and Peter Syme to discuss the fascinating world of multi-day tour distribution and the latest trends shaping the industry. Travis highlights the challenges faced by travel agents and consortia in an increasingly complex landscape. He shares insights on the launch of the agent marketplace, a platform where agents from around the world can sign up and access different operators easily. Our guest also sheds light on the importance of incorporating active experiences into tours to protect against the threat of AI taking over. Furthermore, Travis explores the impact of AI on the travel industry, emphasizing its potential in data management and on-ground experiences. He delves into the evolving behaviors and preferences of travelers, the increase in average order values, the rise of self-guided tours, and the shift in priorities post-pandemic. Get ready for a thought-provoking conversation filled with valuable insights into the future of multi-day tours and the opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

Topics discussed:

  • How TourRadar started
  • Distribution through travel agents
  • Sweet spot in length of multi-day tours
  • How multi-day will be affected by AI
  • Onboarding new operators restarting in some destinations