Ep. 219 — Promoting Safety in Women’s Travel

In this episode, Christy Hunter, Samantha Hardcastle and Sandra Weinacht delve deep into the topic of women’s safety while traveling and explore various strategies and experiences that can help ensure a secure and enjoyable trip. From being hyperaware while exploring new destinations to finding safe havens and familiar items, our guests share valuable insights and firsthand accounts. As co-owners and founders of Insight Europe Travel Experiences, our speaker discusses their commitment to informing and protecting travelers, especially women. We also touch on the importance of body language, clothing choices, and practical safety measures. So join us as we navigate the fascinating world of women’s travel safety and learn how to create an environment where everyone can fully enjoy their experiences.

00:00 Confidence and safety in women’s travel.

03:13 Phone safety while traveling is essential.

07:07 Woman asked for photo, stole backpack.

10:17 Group tours offer safety and stress relief.

14:57 Drinking responsibly and staying aware of surroundings.

19:57 Be prepared and cautious when traveling.

24:16 Uncomfortable in cities, need quiet, avoid crowds.

27:29 Protect your phone and be cautious. Research, dress smartly, use innovative safety tools, join group tours, and know emergency numbers.

28:59 Maintain confidence and be aware during travels.

32:12 Passing on information for safe travel.