Ep. 217 — Tourpreneur Roundup: Looking Ahead to 2023

Chris Torres, Mitch Bach, and Peter Syme as they delve into the reflections and insights shared by tour operators in their Facebook group. With Mitch posing the thought-provoking question of how to describe 2022 in one word, the responses range from return, demanding, validating, and topsy-turvy, to outstanding, normalizing, unforgettable, and disappointing.

The conversation then shifts gears as Peter discusses the ever-evolving landscape of technology in the industry, specifically focusing on the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Reminding us that AI has been around since the 1950s, Peter emphasizes that the current adoption of this technology is a game-changer. He explores how AI is reshaping businesses and encourages operators to assess where they fall on the traffic light system he created to address the varying degrees of preparedness.

Mitch chimes in and cautions against dismissive reactions, highlighting the potential power of digital experiences and the need for a well-rounded digital strategy. He brings attention to the impending knowledge revolution and the shift in how information is shared and consumed. Chris adds his perspective as an agency owner, discussing the integration of AI-generated content within their operations and the positive impact on SEO and rankings.

01:23 Industry trends: operators are busy, AI is rising.

04:58 Digital revolution replaces human experiences; need adaptation.

06:44 GPT: Best AI-generated content, boosts SEO.

11:12 Reseller and software directories for travel businesses.

15:00 In-person experiential learning with small groups, networking events happening.

17:35 Profitable huddles, scary but growth-inducing work.

20:26 Join Tourpreneur Plus for coaching on strategy and marketing.