Ep. 214 — Creating & Promoting Tours for Solo Women Travellers

Our conversation dives deep into the world of solo women travelers, uncovering their motivations, desires, and challenges. Sandra shares her personal journey of traveling alone, connecting with other women through Airbnb experiences in Mexico, and the transformative underwater photo shoot she experienced. Samantha discusses the different profiles of solo women travelers and the importance of understanding their psychographic makeup when crafting tours. Lastly, Christy tells us about the rise of female solo travelers and how her photography business in Nashville became intertwined with the booming trend.

Throughout the episode, we discover the unique reasons why women choose to travel alone, the power of creating a community for these travelers, and the impact of social media in shaping their experiences. Join us as we explore the world of solo women travelers and learn how to create and promote unforgettable tours specifically catered to their needs. Get ready for an inspiring and empowering conversation here on Tourpreneur.

01:33 Sandra Weinauf: journalist turned tourism industry expert

06:42 Rise in female solo travelers and its impact.

08:29 Classic women’s tour of Europe, industry evolution.

12:17 Solo travel connects people with shared passions.

16:22 Travel solo, research, meet, work, trends. Pandemic, alone on planes and trains. German passport, love travel, family. Connect, support small businesses, women-owned, women chefs.

19:58 Experiences, solo travel, finding like-minded people.

21:22 Group travel lacking authenticity, finding true connections.

24:37 Using feminine energy in tourism marketing challenges.

30:20 Client wanted to attract heart-centered wine enthusiasts.

31:29 Reshaping brand voice for social media success.

36:38 Inspired, incredible women bond over travel. Love community.