Ep. 213 — A Chat with Jacqui Coward and Jennifer Burke about their new startup Global Team Gatherings

The world has change due to covid and we are not going back to normal work practises. Work from home and hybrid work is now the norm. This has created many challenges but also endless opportunities. The need to get teams together has moved from nice to have to must have. This is what global team gathering is looking to address.

dive deep into the world of team building and the importance of bringing teams together for increased productivity and connectivity.

Throughout the episode, Jacqui and Jennifer shed light on the significance of trust-building and the impact it has on team collaboration and creativity. They discuss how employee values are evolving, with a greater emphasis on team connection and flexibility in the workplace. Without the opportunity for teams to physically meet and forge relationships, the ability to connect and collaborate can be significantly affected.

But what about the logistics of these team gatherings? Jacqui and Jennifer share their insights on finding the perfect location for these events, highlighting the need for reliable IT, communication, and broadband services. They also discuss the potential for repeat bookings and long-term business opportunities in this space, emphasizing the advantages of building deep relationships with a smaller number of customers.

In terms of their own startup journey, Jacqui and Jennifer provide valuable insights into the importance of understanding customer needs and the ever-evolving market landscape. They discuss the customization of trip templates, integrating various activities, and targeting specific interests to create unforgettable experiences for teams.

Additionally, they tackle the current shift in workplace dynamics, exploring the rise of hybrid work models and the necessity for companies to bring their teams together for enhanced productivity and learning opportunities. They also touch upon the significant investments being made by the hotel and alternative accommodation sectors in redesigning experiences for corporate clients, signaling potential collaborations for tour operators.

02:54 Launching global team gatherings to unite teams.

05:40 Off-site retreats now prioritize connection and integration.

08:47 Office work must switch to hybrid model.

11:29 Big red flag: hotel industry invests billions.

16:24 Custom templates, customization, networking, integration, potential.

18:42 Exciting stage of new branded retreats.

20:55 Adapt product development based on customer needs.

25:37 Switzerland is diverse, fragmented, and multi-linguistic.

28:02 Partnerships with DMCs can boost business.

32:23 Find and attend events in Switzerland for business development and partnership opportunities.

36:17 Hoping for stability and focus in 2023.

37:44 Fondue at Swiss corporate events, mixed experiences.

43:40 Part of experience economy, innovative learning experiences.