Ep. 212 — Tourpreneur Roundup

your hosts Chris Torres, Mitch Bach, and Peter Syme will be discussing what’s been happening in the industry, sharing insights from their conversations with tour operators, and giving you a sneak peek into the exciting initiatives Tourpreneur has in store for this winter.

The episode kicks off with Mitch introducing the live streaming format, giving a brief overview of what to expect in this action-packed 20-minute episode. He then passes the microphone to Peter, who spills the beans on the upcoming virtual event called Demo Days. This event will feature around 80 technology companies, including both established players and innovative start-ups, showcasing their travel tech solutions to tour operators. Peter highlights the diverse range of technology covered, from reservation systems to self-guided tour technology and payment solutions.

Next, Mitch dives into the upcoming events in January and February that have the Tourpreneur team the most excited. Chris jumps in to reveal the introduction of the much-anticipated “Two-Up Huddles”. These huddles will provide the opportunity for in-depth, personalized guidance and advice for tour operators looking to grow their businesses. With a focus on business development, marketing, and storytelling, these retreats aim to help operators overcome challenges and take their businesses to the next level.

Peter adds his perspective about the retreats, emphasizing the hands-on approach and the actionable outcomes that participants can expect. Mitch then shares the stunning locations where the retreats will take place, including Sullivan’s Island in Charleston, South Carolina, and the picturesque Duoro River Valley in Northern Portugal. These non-virtual, in-person gatherings promise to be a rejuvenating and inspiring experience for all attendees.

Lastly, the hosts delve into the topic of travel trade events, with Peter offering his insights on whether tour operators should attend. He advises operators to carefully select events that align with their business goals, whether it’s to sign up more customers, build B2B partnerships, or expand channels. He shares the success stories from World Travel Market and emphasizes the importance of defining the purpose of attending events before making a decision.

01:53 Introducing 80 tech companies over December & January. Pitch & demo days. Mix of known & unknown start-ups.

04:55 In person experiences are special, different. Amazing locations in Charleston and Northern Portugal.

09:30 Online work is effective, but in-person events are crucial. Choose events wisely due to costs.

12:56 Revenge travel could impact sustainability negatively.

14:27 Human nature: saying one thing, doing another.

19:14 Elevate products with author-led experiences, book and voucher.

21:25 Author-led civil war battlefields tour for influencers.

26:20 Bonding with locals, not just listening to guides.

27:21 First Tourpreneur Roundup went well, longer than expected.