Ep. 211 — Creating Bingeable Tours to Drive Repeat Business

we dive into the art of creating bingeable tours to drive repeat business. We’ll explore how simplifying spellings, offering a variety of battlefield tours, and arranging experiences in a binge-watching-like format can lead to not only a deeper historical journey but also a loyal customer base. Our guest, a seasoned tourpreneur, will share their fascinating journey from operating a shuttle bus to now offering private tours. Join us as we uncover the secrets to creating captivating tours that leave visitors coming back for more. So grab your headphones and prepare to be inspired on this next installment of Tourpreneur: Creating Bingeable Tours to Drive Repeat Business.

01:16 Passion for history leads to successful career.

04:10 Gettysburg battlefield has various tour options, Virginia lacks.

09:19 Private battlefield tour service generates revenue. Join guide in your vehicle for affordable tour.

13:45 Private tours sold well, keeping shuttle afloat.

17:53 Operators should offer private tours for premium.

19:16 Multigenerational tours, ancestor tours, connecting with ancestors.

21:56 Emotional connection boosts tour experiences for audiences.

25:06 Rebranded tour company thrives despite COVID.

30:14 Make content simple for international visitors. Offering multiple Battlefield Tours like Netflix binge-watching.

32:37 Battles related, linked like episodes in seasons.

35:41 Creating separate tour experiences linked together, with cliffhangers, encourages repeat business and expands to multi-day tours.

41:05 Quality tours with knowledgeable guides specializing in Civil War battlefields.

43:05 Great concept for education; wish you success.