Ep. 209 — Top 8 Strategies to Marketing to the Luxury Consumer

In today’s episode, our host Chris Torres dives deep into the world of luxury marketing. After receiving numerous requests from our thriving entrepreneur community, Chris has crafted his top 8 strategies to attract high wealth luxury consumers. Get ready to take notes as Chris shares invaluable insights, from the power of captivating photography to the importance of creating an exclusive website. He’ll also reveal how to unlock the potential of Facebook ads and email marketing when targeting this discerning demographic. Need more tips? Chris delves into the art of personalization, the untapped potential of LinkedIn, and the rising popularity of podcasts in reaching luxury consumers. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a masterclass in marketing to the luxury consumer.

Here are the top 8 strategies to attract this demographic.

  1. Photos
  2. Create a Website that focuses on Style and Exclusivity – The VIP Treatment
  3. Be Personal
  4. Use Facebook Ads to Reach a Luxury Demographic
  5. Email Marketing is Huge
  6. Create Exclusivity… or at Least a Sense of it
  7. Use LinkedIn to Raise your Profile
  8. Produce a Podcast