TripAdmit Tap To Tip: New Guide Tipping & Review Collection Technology

Tourpreneur is grateful for TripAdmit’s sponsorship for part of 2023. Sponsorship helps keep Tourpreneur productive and accessible to everyone.

In the video tech demo above, Mitch Bach of Tourpreneur speaks with John Maguire, CEO of TripAdmit, about their new Tap To Tip service. John demonstrates the product live, showing how easy it is to use for a tour customer, and the back end dashboards for guides and operators to manage payments and reviews effortlessly.

The product is called Tap To Tip, and it’s simple to use but innovative: each guide gets a credit-card sized NFC card (with a backup QR code on it). If a guest brings their phone near the card, they get prompted with a simple website offering easy one-click payment options like Apple Pay. Payments go to the guide quickly, and the back end financial organizing is taken care of.

And better yet, guests are also prompted to leave a review using a chatGPT AI-enabled review generator that helps them find the right words based on their sentiments.

Easy tips, easy reviews: Tap to Tip can immediately improve your tour business. TripAdmit is working with guide teams from 2 to 2,000… so go learn more and reach out to get a quick demo call. They’re an Irish company, so they’re very friendly!