Tour Operator COVID-19 Check-In – Catia from Lisbon Stories

In this quick call, we check in with Catia , the tour operator behind Lisbon Stories 

Today we have a COVID-19 to operator check-in. I might even start calling these, just tour operator check-ins. I hate writing the word COVID-19 and today we feature our first ever Portuguese tour operator on the Tourpreneur Podcast.

Catia of Lisbon Stories wrote to me saying: ‘I’m writing to you from Portugal and our official tourism board has launched a program called clean and safe.

It requires a few hours of online education. You have to elaborate a plan for your own company, and there are random checks to make sure your businesses are following everything they should. I’m working on this right now, and I’ll be glad to go on the show and talk to you about how our seal works, what it requires and what I’ve learned during the certification.

I am a licensed tour guide and I run a very small company offering private tours in Lisbon Portugal.  We offer a few walking tours, but mostly car tours, always to small private group.’

So we talk about hygiene, the safety protocols for tour operators. We also then talk about how Catia is going to pivot her tour business.

Catia is very motivated by showing tourists ‘off the beaten track’ Lisbon. So I think you will enjoy this episode and I love how international the Tourpreneur Podcast is becoming. So don’t hesitate, wherever you are in the world. If you want to come on and share a story with us, about how you’re growing your tour business, what you’re learning during the lockdown drop me an email.

About Lisbon Stories

Lisbon stories is the personal project of a Licensed tourist guide, Catia.

Working as a free lancer local guide for the biggest travel agencies, in 2009 I found myself with a reduced number of bookings. Instead of singing some Fado about my life, I decided to launch my own project. I’ve always felt sorry for my clients sitting in big bus tours and though that private, customizable tours were the way to go. Everyone should be able to enjoy Lisbon from a unique, personal perspective. Everyone should be able to feel they belong to the city… and that’s how Lisbon Stories was born. Today we deliver private tours in comfortable cars, giving each client the opportunity to discover a unique city and country, full of memorable experiences. All the tours were created especially for this website, thinking about your interests and quality of time during your holidays. They’re all customizable and if you want something different, you’re more than welcome to explain your ideas. In short, Lisbon stories is a project to make you feel like you belong to the city, ensure high-quality private tours; no crowds, whispers, or flags; just you and those you like. Lisbon stories belong to the city!