Ep. 95 — FareHarbor teams up with tour operators to launch Global Tours Connect

We don’t usually broadcast on a Monday, but today we bring you an exclusive announcement, from two former guests of ours – two food tour operators They have teamed up with a major tour operator booking platform FareHarbor and have built a microsite Global Tours Connect, which they say, not only can deliver bookings for your tour business but will also pay you a dividend. 

Intrigued? I know I was. 

So we welcome onto the show today, Lauren McCabe Herpich of Local Food Adventures, Midgi Moore of Juneau Food Tours and first time guest on the Tourpreneur Podcast, Sabine Whitney of FareHarbor…

What is Global Tours Connect?

‘Global Tours Connect is the first industry-forward collaborative online booking platform created by tour operators for tour operators.

Working in partnership with FareHarbor and led by independent food tour operators Lauren McCabe Herpich of Local Food Adventures in Oakland, California, and Midgi Moore, CCTP of Juneau Food Tours in Juneau, Alaska, Global Tours Connect provides an online destination for guests to discover and book tours all around the world.’

“We are creating a new reseller marketplace, in partnership with FareHarbor. We want to introduce everyone to Global Tours Connect. It is the first industry focused, industry forward online marketplace, that is created by tour operators for tour operators. 

Right now, we’re the only ones that are giving money back. to tour operators. So you can pay 20% to a hotel concierge, to another OTA, to another reseller. No one’s giving you anything back, other than just a listing on their site. And so, what we’re doing is, we’re sharing the wealth, we’re creating a dividend program.”

Lauren McCabe Herpich – Global Tours Connect and Local Food Adventures

In this episode we will learn…

  1. What is Global Tours Connect exactly?
  2. How did this partnership with Fareharborall come about?
  3. What is the Global Tours Connect mission?
  4. What kind of tour operator is GTC aimed at? What kind of traveler is it aimed at?
  5. What has the response been from Tour Operators and how many are currently signed up?
  6. How does the dividend work?
  7. Why did you decide to offer a dividend rather than a lower commission?
  8. How will you market GTC to consumers?
  9. What does a tour operator need to do to sign up? 
  10. When do you envisage non FH operators to be able to get involved?

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