‘The big OTAs have lost their way’ claims Chris Torres so he created Touriosity an OTA ‘with a conscience’

The big OTAs have lost their way says Touriosity‘s Chris Torres

Chris joins me today to share what Touriosity is all about and how you can register your company and tours. He reveals how tour bookings are managed and the marketing plan for 2021. 

Chris shares some of the lessons he has learned from the soft launch of Touriosity and the improvements he’s made in handling support requests.

We discuss why local tours are not advertising on Facebook and the opportunities that are currently being missed by tour operators.

Chris also shares his tips for getting your business through the next twelve months, including the benefits of having a business coach, and how collaborating with your competitors can help your tour business survive the challenges of the current global economy.

It’s going to be hard against the big boys with their war chest of cash, but there is enough room to do something different.

Chris Torres

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • How to register your tours on Touriosity and the requirements for new and existing tour operators.
  • How tour bookings and reservations are handled.
  • How Touriosity is promoting its platform and future marketing plans.
  • The lessons Chris has learned from Touriosity’s soft launch and the improvements they’ve made in handling support requests.
  • Why Chris is taking OTA advertising to Facebook instead of Google Ads.
  • The advantages of Facebook advertising and why it is exceptional for content targeting.
  • How working with your competitors can help you survive 2021.
  • Structuring your day and the value of having a business coach

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Meet Today’s Guest, Chris Torres

RocketRez’s Joe Robinson?

As a Brand and Digital Tourism Expert, Chris Torres has over two decades of experience in the tourism industry. 

He is the author of How to Turn Your Online Lookers into Bookers, a book for tour and activities operators to learn proven strategies and techniques to promote their tour operations and increase their revenue through digital marketing. 

Chris is the Founder of Touriosity, a non-profit commission-free OTA and marketing consortium that puts the tour operator first. He is also the Director of Tourism Marketing Agency and the founder and host of The Digital Tourism Show – a free video advice service for all things related to tourism marketing.

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