How Tour Operators Can Prepare For The Impact of Coronavirus On Our Businesses with Peter Syme

Tour Industry Veteran Peter Syme offers us a battle plan to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus on our tour business.

Coronavirus is hitting the travel industry hard. In this episode, Tourpreneur’s Shane Whaley talks to tour industry veteran Peter Syme who shares actionable tips on what tour operators need to be doing in order to protect our tour businesses.

I urge you to read Peter Syme’s article titled ‘Disaster is just an opportunity in hiding.‘ In this post, Peter give us a checklist of tasks we should be completing to protect our tour operator business from the impacts of the coronavirus.

He also suggests opportunities that could arise from the global crisis. This interview with Peter and his article are essential reading for all tour operators. I suggest printing it out, keeping it by your desk and reading it when the going gets tough for your tour business.

Make sure you follow Peter Syme on Linkedin. We are lucky to have a tour industry veteran like Peter who cares about tour businesses and offers his advice for free.