How To Build a Sustainable Tour Business with Anula Galewska

How to build a sustainable tour business with Anula Galewska and Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley.

Welcome to Episode 28 of the Tourpreneur podcast where we flatten the learning curve to help you grow your tour business and delight your customers by sharing stories from other tour operators and experts.

I’ve invited onto today’s show, Anula Galewska, she is a Tourpreneur, and a sustainable tourism expert.

She helps small and big tourism businesses grow by improving their sustainability operations and marketing.

Over the last decade, she has audited tour operators and hotels for sustainable tourism, so she’s a real expert in this space.

I wanted to talk to Anula Galewska because sustainable tourism means different things to different people.

We all want to do more for the environment.

We all want to do more for our local economy. We all want to build a sustainable tour business.

We are all trying to make a profit, we’re working hard to make a living.

How can we make profits in our tour business whilst doing good?

So I figured it would be good to talk to Anula about how she defines sustainable tourism and to give us some takeaways of how we can build a sustainable tour business.

She has also recently launched a course. Sustainable Tourism Made Easy, it goes live on October 3, which is a simple step by step system to accelerate our tour business through sustainability.

I ask her more about the course, who it is designed for and what it entails. Tourpreneur is NOT affiliated with the course but we do highly recommend Anula’s work and rate her expertise.

You can watch a free replay of Anula’s 5 Keys to Build a Sustainable, Profitable Tour Business above or directly from here.

And a quick heads, I’m really excited to be attending Arival Orlando this year, I will have a makeshift studio at the specialty space, which is next to the networking lounge.

If you’re going to be in Orlando, please come over and say hi, I love chatting with listeners. And I’m looking to interview tourpreneurs they’re going to be the quick round format. You know Jim Cramer does the lightning round?

Well, you should see me do that. Seriously, no, it won’t be quite that stressful, but 10-minute interviews just about what you’re learning at Arival, a bit about your business, etc. So do come over and see me at Arival Orlando 2019.

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