How do I promote our specialty tours? – Ask the Expert.

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First up, Olga of Cobble Tales Architecture Tours in Edinburgh is asking for advice on how she can market her architecture walking tours.

How do I market my specialized architecture tours to people who want more than just to see Edinburgh Castle?

Agents fear that an architecture tour would be too technical for people outside the industry: this occurs in trade shows mostly. Agents come over, we have a great conversation and those who do get back to me say that they fear this would be too much for their clients. 

It is true, the tour is not for you if all you want to do is see Edinburgh Castle, shop, and take a picture of a cafe where Harry Potter was written. Actually I had a group like that the other week, and found myself trying to entertain blank faces. They must have booked us by accident!

People who are not architects enjoy our tours if they have an interest in cities, built environment, history, and are of critical thinking and want to know why things are the way they are, and how everything is put together. Most of our public tour customers are non-architects

When we do get good exposure we see that there is a lot of interest: i.e. via Edinburgh Fringe Festival, one of our tours sells up to 20 tickets a day (but it is also just £14, and there are loads of people in the city)

Lack of online exposure: People who might be interested but don’t think to google “architecture tours” do not find us on google as we are buried under other 50 tours in Edinburgh. 

We tried but so far failed to get much with google ads, so we continue to write blog content. Backlinks are where we lack strength, hence low domain authority. 

Olga, Founder Cobble Tales