Ep. 178 — How Shifting Your Focus From ‘Educator’ to ‘Entertainer’ Can Impact the Tour Experience

Today, Sita Sargeant joins Nikki Padilla Rivera to share some of the major changes that are currently happening at She Shapes History.

Sita explains  what it’s been like to transition from working as a duo-team tour operation to becoming a ‘team of one.’

We discuss the benefits of stepping back and taking breaks from your tour business and how it can leave you feeling recharged, renergized, and remotivated.

Sita shares her goals of expanding the She Shapes History team and how she builds her customer’s excitement and anticipation about upcoming tour events while growing her email list.

We also discuss how she incorporates first-person stories in her walking tours without sacrificing ethics, the collaborations and partnerships she’s currently working on, and the value of connecting with other tour operators.

“People want to learn but they don’t want to feel bad that they’re having to learn”

Sita Sargeant. She Shapes History

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • Transitioning from a duo-team tour operation to a team of one
  • The value of taking a break from running your tour operation and how it helps you recharge and get remotivated
  • Sita’s plans for expanding the She Shapes History team and developing new tours
  • How partnering with local organizations to develop unique tour experiences can impact your business growth
  • The benefits of having a clear, strong, niche mission statement and message
  • How to build excitement and anticipation about future tours
  • Ethical storytelling and adding content to a tour by sharing first-person stories
  • Shifting your focus from ‘educator’ to ‘entertainer’ and how it can impact the tour experience
  • Upcoming collaborations and partnerships Sita is currently working on
  • The value of connecting with other tour operators

More about today’s guests…

Sita Sargeant is the founder, director, and guide at She Shapes History, a walking tour operation based in Canberra, Australia that is passionate about highlighting the stories about women that have shaped Australian history.

Sita is often described as the ‘human equivalent of a Golden Retriever” due to her love of food, people, and taking long walks around her community.

During the week, she works as a Research Officer at the Australian National University, but on weekends, she dedicates her time to providing historical walking tours of the Canberra region and ‘nerding out’ about it’s hidden secrets on how Canberra’s history has been shaped by incredible women.

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