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Starting a Tour Business with She Shapes History: Embracing Diverse Histories with Local Tourism

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Starting a Tour Business with She Shapes History: Embracing Diverse Histories with Local Tourism

The Tour Operator Start-Up

Welcome to the all new Tour Operator Start-Up with Nikki Padilla Rivera

Are you starting a tour business or looking to help those who are? Then the Tour Operator Start Up Series is for you. 

Each month you can join your host, tourism expert Nikki Padilla Rivera as we explore how Sita and Ripley went from the world of academia to building their own tourism company in Canberra, Australia.

They share why they chose to focus on female stories and the importance of exploring the diverse histories that are often not taught in school.

They discuss their partnership, the benefits of working as a team and the tools they are using to build their company. They also outline their steps for marketing and fine-tuning their tours as they approach their launch date.

“This is one simple thing we can do to be part of this national conversation.”

Ripley Stevens

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

"We see a lot of power in sharing history.” -

Sita Sargeant

Today’s episode of Tourpreneur is kindly sponsored by The Tourpreneur Daily Brief – the industry’s free go to resource for busy tour professionals.

More about today’s guests - She Shapes History's Sita Sargeant and Ripley Stevens.

Sita Sargeant and Ripley Stevens both began their careers in higher education, working as research assistants.

Last year they reconnected and discovered that they were unhappy and unfulfilled in their work in academia.

Sita and Ripley connected over their shared love of women’s history and passion for their home of Canberra.

They decided to start a woman-centric tour business that would explore the diverse histories of their city.

She Shapes History will offer walking tours of Canberra that explore women’s stories and achievements and visit iconic cultural institutions.

Nikki Padilla

Nikki enjoys building tours that include diverse perspectives and believes the travel industry needs to be more sustainable & equitable. She considers herself an advocate for Tour Guides, who she feels should have a bigger voice in the larger Tourism Industry.

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