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How Joris turned his passion for military history into a thriving tour business.

On today’s episode of the Tourpreneur Tour Podcast we talk with the tourpreneur behind The Battlefield Explorer Tours.

‘Sharing what I’ve learned over the years has been my passion and becoming a tour guide has always been one of my dreams.

Joris Nieuwint – Battlefield explorer tours

Dutchman Joris Nieuwint has been leading tours of the Operation Market Garden battlefield sites since 2012.

‘Sharing what I’ve learned over the years has been my passion and becoming a tour guide has always been one of my dreams. Keeping the sacrifices of these men alive by telling their stories and showing the locations where it happened is my greatest passion.’

You don’t have to be into World War 2 history to enjoy today’s conversation.

In a candid conversation with Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley, The Battlefied Explorer Joris reveals:

  • How he got started as a tour guide and what important role his friends played.
  • What were his first steps when he decided to go pro.
  • Why he is so passionate about educating the world about Operation Market Garden.
  • The agony of setting up and waiting for your first customer.
  • How he acquired his first customer for his Battlefield Explorer tour.
  • What it was like leading his first tour
  • Why it is especially important for history tour guides to know their audience.
  • Why he loves receiving questions from his tour guests.
  • Why it is important to talk with and build strong relationships with other tourpreneurs, even if they are competitors.
  • Battlefield Explorer Tours is a part time business, how does he manage his time with working, running a business and looking after a wife and 3 kids.
  • How does he market and promote his tours.
  • How he uses Youtube to promote his business.
  • What is his video setup and what video equipment does he use for his Youtube tour channel.
  • Why giving stuff away for free can work.
  • Why has he decided to give FareHarbor a try?
  • How he hopes FareHarbor will make his processes more efficient.
  • Which book does he recommend for tourpreneurs?
  • Why a tour of Belfast’s murals surprised him.
  • And Much More!

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