Ep. 151 — How John Coupland designed The Crown Film Locations Tour

John Coupland joins me today to share the humble beginnings of his tour company and what inspired him to become a  tour operator later in life.

We discuss how he leveraged his previous experiences and methods as an entrepreneur when starting his company and the challenges faced as a new tour operator.

We discuss how he developed relationships with the curators and staff of historic landmarks to offer unique private day tours for his tour guests and how he designed his most popular guided tour, The Crown Film Locations & Royal Secrets Tour.

John shares why it’s critical for tour operators to have the ability to ‘read’ their guest’s body language and how it helps you deliver outstanding tour experiences.

John also reveals the three key lessons he has learned about building a successful tour operation, creating exceptional experiences, and achieving outstanding customer reviews.

“To be successful, you’ve got to have a good ability to read people from the start – not just what they’re saying and listening to their needs and wants, it’s also their body language that’s really, really important.

John Coupland

This week on Tourpreneur, the Tour Operator Podcast:

  • How I repurpose podcast episodes into blog posts
  • Strategies you can use to turn one blog post into multiple pieces of content
  • Creating video clips for Instagram Stories, YouTube, and Facebook
  • How to create a ‘traffic funnel’ to lead your audience to other pieces of related content
  • How repurposing your content helps you expand your audience
  • The importance of creating high-quality, ‘share-worthy’ content 
  • How to encourage your audience to share your content
  • Tips and strategies to improve your efficiency when repurposing your content
  • The difference between repurposing your content versus creating duplicate content 
  • The benefits of using social media scheduling apps to reshare your content on multiple platforms

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More about today’s guests…

John Coupland is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for historic castles and landmarks.

He is the founder of the independently owned and operated tour operation, John England Tours, a UK-based company providing guided driving and walking tours throughout the historic countryside of South East England. 

One of the most popular tours he offers takes guests to a variety of filming locations for the award-winning T.V series, The Crown.

In addition to offering private day tours to locals and tourists, John is also the founder of South East London Business Network and a Business Development Consultant at ACCELerate Your Business.

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